Catering, accommodation and human resource management

How We Work

Bedu Hospitality offers food-and-beverage management services for a variety of hotels and resorts, from innovative concepts to day-to-day operations to addressing new owners or new markets. We approach each operation with the perspective of a sole proprietor of a restaurant and the expertise of a hotel restaurant process management. Bedus is responsible for the conceptualization and design of convenience stores, kitchen operations, bars, and eating areas in hotels.

Bedu Hospitality is ready to assist develop new, more inexpensive concepts, scale down (or scale up!) operations, save costs, and boost profitability in hotel restaurants as the sector has changed over the years. We can assist your hotel restaurant in adjusting to market changes or any other difficulties your company may be facing, from streamlining accountancy to altering menus.


Only when the personnel succeeds can a hotel be successful. Your reputation is built on how your employees behave both in front of and behind the scenes. By ensuring workers are hired, trained, supported, and retained, Bedu Hospitality’s hotel human resources management services and HR consulting programs benefit your business.


For hotels of all sizes, Bedu Hospitality provides payroll management services. The efficient, dependable administration of your payroll systems may be ensured by our qualified human resources and finance staff. Additionally, we provide occasional payroll management assistance or one-time payroll auditing.

Recruitment, training, and development of hotel staff

Bedu provides human resources consultancy to help hotels and restaurants hire, develop, and keep outstanding staff. We assist in setting up each associate for success through cautious, thorough recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding processes. Our new Team Member On-Boarding Program makes sure Team Members feel at home as soon as they are employed. This includes a welcome session when guests can meet the hotel’s management staff, see the facility, learn about the policies, and start brand-specific training. Additionally, we offer management, leadership, and customer service training. We think that developing leaders requires training, constant feedback, and coaching. Rising star colleagues frequently advance quickly into management, and we offer a solid platform to assist their development.